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May 04 2008

McHenry Row Launches Website

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The developers of McHenry Row, the new development along Key Highway in South Baltimore, Locust Point, The Hill (whatever you want to call it) has launched a new website.?

? The site plan shows two 6 story residential buildings with retail on the first level, a 5 story office building, and a 2 story grocery store.? Word is that Harris Teeter will be the grocery store, but an official announcement hasn’t been made.? Click here to view the site plan.


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Apr 13 2008

A Bit of Education About the Hill

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I received a comment from a reader about my references to Locust Point. I assume the comment is in response to my posts, as it doesn’t indicate specifically. Apparently I don’t live in Locust Point; I live in (or is it on?) the “Hill.”

You keep calling us Locust Point. We are not Locust Point. Locust Point starts at the second bridge on Fort Ave. aka, railroad bridge. They keep moving towards us. We are the HILL or Harbor South, not Locust Point. The Shopping Center at Southside is not Locust POint, the Housing units on E. Fort Ave. are not Locust Point, they are the Hill, and not Federal Hill either. Stop saying something you have no idea as to what you are talking about. Our location the Hill runs from Riverside Ave, on the west , to 2nd bridge on the east , to R/R tracks on the south, to Key Hwy/water on the North., that is the HILL!!!!! We are not Federal Hill, we are definately not Locust Point, we are the HILL, period , end of story.

Okay, we don’t live in Locust Point. Got it, now it’s all clear to me. But wait, I’m confused again. Why does the Locust Point neighborhood sign sit at Fort Avenue and Lawrence. Not Fort Ave and the 2nd bridge? Why is the restaurant called L.P. Steamers, not Hill Steamers? Why does the Locust Point Civic Association (LPCA) define LP as bounded by Lawrence Street on the West? Why do several of the LPCA’s board of directors live west of the 2nd Bridge on Fort or Woodall? Why does the Riverside Neighborhood Association define it’s boundaries as bounded by Lawrence on the East?

Now I’m familiar with the saying “down the point” or “up the hill” referring to Locust Point vs. Riverside. But according to the boundaries drawn by the various neighborhood associations, the “Hill” doesn’t technically exist as a geographic boundary.

I agree that Southside shopping center doesn’t technically lie in Locust Point, but it’s close enough. I guess some would say it’s more a part of Riverside than LP, but it’s all semantics.

I’m happy to live in Locust Point, the Hill, Harbor South, Riverside, or anything else you want to call it. But I’d like some clarification. If anybody else sees anything else they want to correct me on, please do so; I’m always up for a little education.


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Mar 21 2008

What a Dump! 1444 Stevenson Street

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Sometimes any development is better than the alternative. Case in point – 1444 Stevenson Street. This property that sits at the bottom of Stevenson and Woodall Streets in Locust Point, has been vacant and falling down for years. All that stands now is a decaying building an overgrown lot and all the trash and animals that it attracts. Rats, feral cats, and raccoons all make their home here. Residents have also come across needles, used condoms, and countless beer and liquor bottles in the past. The property also constantly leaks some kind of liquid onto the bottom of Stevenson Street.? The owner obviously doesn’t take cae of the property. Continue Reading »


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Mar 09 2008

Locust Point Up In Arms Over Struever Bros. Tide Point Proposal

Many Locust Point residents are up in arms over Struever Brothers? proposal to build a major new mixed use project? at the? Tide Point location.? Roughly 250 concerned residents showed up at last Wednesday’s special neighborhood meeting. Struever’s plan would have added up to 1,200 residential? units to Locust Point.? This would be in addition to the two large residential projects currently under way in the community – Silo Point and McHenry Row.? Based on the community outcry the plan has already been reduced in scale and is likely going back to the drawing board once again.

“..Struever Bros. has already agreed to significant reductions in the scope of its plans. Among them, the number of residential units was reduced from about 1,000 to 644 units, a 26-story building was scaled down to 15 stories and the amount of office space was reduced from about 300,000 square feet to about 200,000 square feet. ”

City Council Vice President Edward Reisinger, who represents South Baltimore, said he will not endorse the project as it stands now. “If you don’t want this to go through, it’s not going anywhere, it’ll die,” said Reisinger, chair of City Council’s land use committee. “I’m listening to you, and that is what’s going to happen.”

Recent Coverage from Baltimore Business Journal 3/6/08 and Baltimore Sun 2/29/08


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Feb 26 2008

Ledo Pizza in My Hood? Hell Yeah!

pizzaSo I was reading Colleen’s blog – SoBoBlog – and very excited to hear that Ledo Pizza is apparently moving to Southside Shopping Center in Locust Point. For whatever reason my wife and I are addicted to their pizza. Maybe it’s because it’s square (how do they do that?), or maybe it’s the sauce… but nevertheless I’m pumped. My very own Ledo pizza within a couple blocks. I wonder if they will be able to acquire a liquor license for the location. Every Ledo’s I’ve ever been to serves beer & wine. But the shopping center may have restrictions because there isn’t currently any other businesses serving or selling alcohol. But that’s really not important – as long as they got the square pizza and big lasagna, I’m set. Another excuse for us not to have to cook. And yet another reason as Colleen discusses, is the opening of Luca’s Cafe on Fort Avenue. Luca’s – occupying the space that was formerly Truman’s Tavern – is serving pizza/Italian/American. Looks like eating in my area are is getting a lot better.

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Feb 01 2008

The $9 Beer Comes to Baltimore

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So the other day my wife and I stopped into Nasu Blanca – the Japanese/Spanish restaurant and bar around the corner from our house in Locust Point. We had been there before for dinner and pretty much decided I wouldn’t go back anytime soon. To me it’s overpriced and the food is just a bit to “fancy” for my tastes. My seared tuna appetizer was served with foie gras – gross. But it made Baltimore Magazine’s top 50 restaurants, so other’s apparently like it. But that’s all beside the point, back to the present. We had stopped back into Nasu Blanca because The Wine Market was closed for a private party and we wanted to grab a couple drinks and appetizers for happy hour. The good news, they have a happy hour menu with reduced drink and food prices. The bad news, the bartender recommended a beer on tap which apparently wasn’t part of the special. When the check came I was surprised to see the price of the beer – $9!

$9 for a normal pint-sized beer. It didn’t come with a bowl of chili, nachos, or even two free songs on the jukebox [they don't have one]. To me there’s no place in this country for a $9 beer, especially not in “blue-collar” Baltimore, and double especially [that sounds strange...] not in “working class” Locust Point.


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Jan 30 2008

McHenry Row – Locust Point Update

For those not familiar with the McHenry Row project, it is the large retail & residential development project currently in progress in Locust Point. Read these posts for some more background.

Baltimore’s McHenry Row – Panera, Starbucks…
McHenry Row – Baltimore – Locust Point

If you have driven down Key Highway recently, you know the McHenry Row construction is well under way on the first structure – the parking garage.? It appears the earlier reports of Harris Teeter being the grocer and anchor store, are about to become true. Developer Mark Sapperstein? hopes that the deal will soon be announced. The store will be their largest location and will likley stay open 24 hours. If what’s being said is true – this will be the nicest grocery store in the city. It’s proposed to have a high-end selection of prepared foods, deli/butcher, bakery, seafood, sushi bar, cheese bar, on-site pizza makers, etc. The store will have a big focus on fresh produce and organic products. The projected completion for the grocer is Summer/Fall 2010, months after the residences will open.

Harris Teeter opening a Baltimore location is a bit of a stretch for them. It’s outside of their existing geographic area, and this area of Baltimore does not yet support their typical demographics.? The success of the overall project, and bringing in additional high-end retailers, really hinges on locking in Harris Teeter.? Once that happens the other tenants should be lining up.? I’ve heard that Starbucks and two banks are likely, and Panera, Cosi, Cold Stone, Legal Sea Food and other restaurants are possible.? If the project plays out as hoped, it will certainly become one of the nicest retail centers in Baltimore.

Sapperstein is also planning on doing some interesting lighting and signage on the existing water tower at the site. He’s proposing to use some variation of neon or a well lit sign, as well as some automated lighting effects that “go off” every 7 minutes. It sounds a bit cheesey, but is supposed to play off existing Baltimore landmarks like Domino Sugar, Phillips Crab, Natty Boh, and UTZ signs.

Key highway will also undergo a large amount of work that includes a landscaped medium between the existing four lanes.


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Oct 04 2007

Little Havana Voted Baltimore’s Best Bar

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In a recent unscientific, unvalidated poll of 1 local Baltimore resident, Little Havana was voted Baltimore’s best bar.? Little Havana is located on the water at 1325 Key Highway in South Baltimore – nestled between Harborview and Locust Point.? The bar scored well on all key criteria. Continue Reading »


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Oct 01 2007

Did SBER Save Locust Point?

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There’s no doubt the Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse (SBER)? have delivered great projects and helped transition Locust Point into a new era.? But? did SBER save Locust Point?? I was on their website today (which is nice) and came across the following? narrative about Locust Point and their work in the neighborhood.? They? discuss how 2,500 jobs were lost in the 90′s but 1,800 were created via their recent projects.? However, the thing they don’t mention is that? the vast majority? of those jobs were? filled by people outside the community.? So it’s a bit of a stretch to make the correlation between jobs lost and gained and it’s affect on the overall health of Locust Point.? But we do love that promenade…

The Locust Point community lost 2,500 jobs to plant closings in the 1990′s. This long time blue collar neighborhood was fast losing homeowners and faced increasing drug activity and crime. SBER bought the shuttered P&G factory and invested $80 million in its adaptive reuse as state of the art office campus which houses SBER’s main office and headquarters. It is home to many other businesses and commercial tenants, including Under Armour, Ayers St. Gross Architects, and the Harvest Table café. Tenants of Tide Point mingle with local residents on the public promenade.

SBER subsequently converted the vacant Coca Cola plant into the world headquarters for Phillips Seafood and the blighted White Lead Paint Factory into a health club, retail and office space. In the last five years, 1,800 of the lost jobs have been replaced.


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Sep 25 2007

Baltimore & Locust Point from the top of Silo Point

Staying on the Silo Point theme…? Jeff was kind enough to share theses great pictures that were taken from the top of Silo Point during the initial demo/pre-construction.? These give you an idea of the great views that these condos will have.? And I assume the top? units will have even better views.? Interesting seeing these “aerial” views of Locust Point.

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