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Jun 06 2008

HarborView expansion bid gains support

In case you missed it… The Baltimore Sun ran an article yesterday about the latest news on? HarborView development.? ? I’m surprised this argument is still going on.? I thought it had been settled a while back, and the developer was proceeding as planned.? We posted on the Pinnacle Tower about a year ago.

HarborView expansion bid gains support
Council committee backs 26-story tower, other plans despite community concerns

| Sun reporter

A prominent Key Highway development could expand after years of delay – and despite community concerns – under a zoning proposal advanced by a City Council committee last night.

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May 13 2008

Canton Crossing Appears to be Moving Forward

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Canton Crossing developer and First Mariner Bank CEO Ed Hale announced today further plans for the project in Southeast Baltimore.? The progress of the project had been in doubt recently with rumors about cash flow problems surrounding the recently completed first phase of the project (The First Mariner Bank Building).? But the fact that Ed Hale has a contract to purchase the 31 acre Exxon Mobil site and the creation of development partnerships seems to bode well.? Hale has partnered up with Greeneberg Gibbons for the retail portion of the project, which could include a Harris Teeter and a Target.? Greenberg Gibbons was also the developer for the Hunt Valley Town Center.? Hale also announced plans to construct approximately 500 condos.? ?

Read the Baltimore Sun Article

Read the Baltmore Business Journal Article

View the Canton Crossing Site Plan

Canton Crossing? combined with approximately 700 planned units north of Boston St by another developer (including the Domain and two other buildings) will add a total of approximately 1200 units to the area…the size of a small town.? This will be a welcome relief to the area that currently looks like an industrial wasteland…welcoming people driving to Canton or Fells Point from 95.

Canton Crossing


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Apr 27 2008

Sun Paints a Bleak Picture, But No Need to Panic

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Today’s Baltimore Sun featured an article? about how the declining real estate market has put some of the city’s most notable potential construction projects on hold.? While it’s true that many developers are truly? bleeding, in Baltimore, it may not be as bleak as the Sun article made the situation out to be.? True, the projects that the Sun mentioned are stalled, however, most of them have been stalled for years, before the economy made a turn for the worse.? While developers across the country are abandoning projects, many of the projects in Baltimore will still happen, but just in a different format.? For instance, the Marketplace at Fells Point project was to originally contain a component of condominiums.? However, the developers are in the process of revising the PUD to include apartments in lieu of the originally planned condos.? All of this switching around requires approval by the neighborhood association, the architectural committee, the city…etc., and all of this takes TIME!?

? The good news is that there are many projects to keep our attention in the meanwhile.? Projects that have the city’s backing (usually in the form of incentives) like Harbor Point, Four Seasons/Legg Mason, Westport, West Side, and projects associated with institutions like? Hopkins and University of Maryland, are still underway, and will drastically change the city’s landscape.? Ironically, it’s the privately funded projects that are taking a little time.? But there’s good news here too.? Insiders say that 10 Inner Harbor, which the Sun said was stalled, is still undergoing preconstruction work.? RWN, who owns the parcels on Guilford, isn’t letting the property rot.? They’re leasing out the old Hammerjacks as a new club called Bourbon Street Live.? Eventually, real estate will bounce back, and the financial institutions will start? lending again.? Baltimore is in a good position for continued growth, but we must remain patient.?

That being said, growth is not always measured in gleaming condo towers. It is measured in reborn communities with rehabbed houses, new coffee shops, restaurants and stores…things which continue to pop up? in? Baltimore every day.? ?

10 Inner Harbor Baltimore


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Mar 09 2008

Locust Point Up In Arms Over Struever Bros. Tide Point Proposal

Many Locust Point residents are up in arms over Struever Brothers? proposal to build a major new mixed use project? at the? Tide Point location.? Roughly 250 concerned residents showed up at last Wednesday’s special neighborhood meeting. Struever’s plan would have added up to 1,200 residential? units to Locust Point.? This would be in addition to the two large residential projects currently under way in the community – Silo Point and McHenry Row.? Based on the community outcry the plan has already been reduced in scale and is likely going back to the drawing board once again.

“..Struever Bros. has already agreed to significant reductions in the scope of its plans. Among them, the number of residential units was reduced from about 1,000 to 644 units, a 26-story building was scaled down to 15 stories and the amount of office space was reduced from about 300,000 square feet to about 200,000 square feet. ”

City Council Vice President Edward Reisinger, who represents South Baltimore, said he will not endorse the project as it stands now. “If you don’t want this to go through, it’s not going anywhere, it’ll die,” said Reisinger, chair of City Council’s land use committee. “I’m listening to you, and that is what’s going to happen.”

Recent Coverage from Baltimore Business Journal 3/6/08 and Baltimore Sun 2/29/08


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Jan 29 2008

Master Plan for Charles North

Baltimore’s development arm, the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) recently released a snapshot of their master plan for the Charles North Area, AKA Station North, north of Penn Station.?

Charles North

While the plan calls for higher density high rises, including a 60 story building, it seems unlikely that any of those would come to fruition in the near future, although the BDC has plans to acquire about 18 properties to start the revitalization process.

? The most tangible aspect of the plan could be the addition of a boutique hotel to the top three floors of Penn Station in conjunction with a renovation/expansion of the train station and concourse as reported in the Baltimore Business Journal.?

? I’m curious to hear what people think about a potential 60 story building in this neighborhood.? Add your comments or shoot me an e-mail.


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Oct 16 2007

Baltimore’s Unsold Condo Units Rise to 5,091

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baltimore-condos.jpgToday’s Baltimore Sun article discusses the surplus of condos on the market.? However, out of the 5,091 vacant condos in the Baltimore metro area, only 865 are in Baltimore City. This is surprising given the number of large-scale condo projects underway. Continue Reading »


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Sep 25 2007

Baltimore & Locust Point from the top of Silo Point

Staying on the Silo Point theme…? Jeff was kind enough to share theses great pictures that were taken from the top of Silo Point during the initial demo/pre-construction.? These give you an idea of the great views that these condos will have.? And I assume the top? units will have even better views.? Interesting seeing these “aerial” views of Locust Point.

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Sep 21 2007

Million Dollar Front Row View of Graffiti

I took these updated shots of the Silo Point development in Locust Point.? I found the first one ironic. You can spend a million dollars to live in one of the nicest properties in Baltimore, but you can’t get rid of the graffiti covered train cars parked in your front yard.

Silo Point construction Locust Point Baltimore? silo-point2.jpg? ?
Silo Point construction Locust Point Baltimore


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Sep 10 2007

Big plans for Mount Vernon

Article? from? The Examiner about new development in Mount Vernon?

Part of Mount Vernon is getting a makeover, thanks to a pair of developers with big plans.? Two large buildings at the north end of the 800 block of Park Avenue are the targets of new development projects. One, the historic Brexton Building, will be turned into a boutique hotel. Across the street the Waxter Center, a senior center, will be rebuilt at an adjacent site along with a 600-unit apartment-condominium complex targeted to young professionals and grad students.

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Sep 05 2007

Downtown condo project delayed by power problem

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Baltimore Business Journal article about the delay? of the 414 Water Street condo project.?

Delayed from last spring, developers of a 31-story residential tower in downtown Baltimore now plan to start turning over the first of their 312 condominium units to new owners this fall, one of the project’s developers said.


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