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Jan 19 2010

Baltimore Restaurant Roundup

It seems like there have been a bunch of new restaurants and bars opening in Baltimore recently.  Here’s just to name a few:

Langermann’s – Canton – Located at the Can Company in Canton, this place took over what used to be Kiss Cafe.  They seemed to do a much better job of giving the place an identity and atmosphere, something that Kiss Cafe could never do.  It’s an “upscale casual” place, with white tablecloths, but a chill setting.  The bar looks like a cool/cozy place to hang out.  I was able to eat lunch there the other day, and the food was great.  It is pegged as “southern inspired global cuisine”.  The turkey apple and brie sandwich with smoky mountain pepper jam on raisin bread was to die for.  I will definitely be going back for dinner sometime.

Field House – Canton – Also at the can company is the newly opened Field House.  This took over the place where Ray Lewis’ used to be and is described as an “upscale sports bar”.  Field House has another location in Philadelphia.

Milan - Little Italy -  Described as an ”upscale restaurant and lounge” this place just opened along Eastern Ave in Little Italy.  With a motto of “where food meets fashion” it sounds like it is a pretty trendy type of place.  The food is described as “Italian infused with Mediterranean flavors”.  They even have “Italian inspired sushi” sounds interesting!  A large patio make it look like this place will be really popular in the summer.

Rowhouse Grille – Federal Hill – Recently opened along Light Street in Federal Hill/South Baltimore this cozy looking bar looks like a great place to pick up a drink and an inexpensive sandwich

Miguels – Locust Point – This will be the first restaurant to open in the new Silo Point Complex and they will serve Mexican tapas. 

Ullswater - Riverside - From the former owners of The Bicycle, this is more low key than the Bicycle and more of a neighborhood place.

Sam’s Kid – Fells Point – near the food of Broadway, serving pan-asian cuisine.  So far its been getting great reviews.

Poe Boys Oyster Bar and Grille – Fells Point – This has opened up where Miss Irene’s used to be.

Tapas Adela - Fells Point – The new Spanish tapas place at the corner of Thames and Broadway is a member of the Kalisgroup.  If history rings true, then this place is bound to be successful.  The restaurant actually shares its kitchen with Meli around the corner and has been getting great reviews.

It’s nice to see that so many places have been opening considering the economy.  If you can afford it, please support your local restaurants and bars! 

Don’t forget Baltimore Restaurant Week runs from Jan 22nd through February 7th

Post a reply here if you’re able to make it to any of these places and let us know how it was!  Also if I missed anything, e-mail me and let me know, or post a reply.


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Nov 28 2009

Baltimore’s Patterson Park is Named one of Top 10 Urban Parks in America

Our very own Patterson Park in Southeast Baltimore was recently named one of America’s 10 best urban parks by Forbes Magazine.  The park was listed alongside other famous parks such as New York’s Central Park, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Boston Commons, and Chicago’s Grant Park.  Patterson Park is surrounded by Baltimore neighborhoods such as Butchers Hill, Canton, Highlandtown, and of course the Patterson Park neighborhood itself.  It’s a wonderful achievement, since only a decade ago, the park was mostly known for drugs and prostitution.  Congratulations to the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks and to the Friends of Patterson Park who show us what can be achieved despite tight budgets!

Click Here to see the Forbes Slideshow


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Oct 22 2009

Diablita Cantina Opens in Harbor East, Langermann’s to Open in Canton

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Diablita Cantina recently opened on the corner of Central Ave and Bank Street just north of Harbor East.  They serve Mexican food in a bit more of an upscale atmosphere than your typical corner joint.  I was able to make it over there for dinner tonight.  I was pleasantly surprised by the $5.00 margarita special on Thursday nights…they are typically around 9 bucks.  I had the chile margarita, which was made with chili infused tequila and had just the right amount of spice to add a good kick to it.  For my meal, I had the habanero shrimp fajitas (around 14 bucks) which was delicious.  Be careful, it’s a bit spicy.  The space is remarkably like Red Star in Fells Point and it has the same owners (so that makes sense) and looks like it would be a cool place to hang out for drinks if not getting a meal.  Definitely recommend.

Also, a new restaurant will be opening at the Can Company in Canton where Kiss Cafe used to be.  Called Langermann’s it will supposedly have “Southern Cuisine”


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Jul 27 2009

Last Chance for Baltimore Red Line

It’s do or die time for the Baltimore Red Line.  Sides have been taken and battle lines have been drawn. Rumor has it that a decision will be made soon, perhaps by the end of the summer.

But let’s face the facts.  The Red Line proposal that includes both a combination of tunneling and surface rail offers Baltimore best chance of getting state and federal funding for a transportation project in YEARS (see proposed routing map below).  If we pass up on this, the likelihood of another public transit project coming this way is perhaps another 20 or 30 years off. 

There is currently no reliable public transportation between Canton and downtown, so most people drive. It’s sameful that a city the size of Baltimore doesn’t have a reliable transportation system, so it’s about time we start.

I realize that there is a small, but vocal group of opponents, that don’t want a surface line running along Boston Street or Route 40.  But let’s face it, Boston Street and Route 40 are already noisy and congested disasters.  The new Red Line, along with some proposed nice streetscaping, will serve to reduce and calm traffic.  The tunneling through downtown will keep the train from getting bogged down in traffic lights (one of my chief complaints about the existing north/south light rail). 

The Red Line is necessary for the continued growth of Baltimore City, and would increase the property values of those nearby (just try to get a cheap apartment near a DC Metro stop).

If you support the Red Line, make sure your voice is heard.  Things you can do to help:

Visit –

E-mail Senator Mikulski –

E-mail Governor O’Malley –

E-mail Mayor Dixon –

E-mail Councilman Kraft –


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Jul 13 2009

Blue Hill Tavern Opens in Brewers Hill

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Blue Hill Tavern, which recently opened in the Brewers Hill neighborhood of Southeast Baltimore, might as well be nicknamed Beverly Hills Tavern, as this trendy new restaurant and bar looks like it could have come straight out of SoCal.  

While it looks a little bit out of place, Blue Hill Tavern offers a nice, clean, and hip alternative to Brewers Hill’s charming corner bars and enlarges the dining and nightlife opportunities of the area…which is a definite good thing.  Best of all, the bar has a waterfall…cool beans.

I went there for dinner on Saturday night.  The place was definitely packed, but not overly swamped. The bar was hopping, but not so packed that you couldn’t move. It was a nice night, so all of the windows were open, giving the place an airy and open feel.  Gotta love summertime.  They’ve only been open about a week, so you could tell there were a few small kinks they were working out, but nothing major.  They were out of some of the micro brews that were listed on their menu, so I decided to be adventurous and try the “New old fashioned” (made with vanilla infused bourbon) off of their cocktail menu. It was really delicious, and considering all cocktails are $7.50, it still wasn’t too expensive as far as Baltimore prices go.

The Oysters Rockefeller appetizer came and while the oysters were cooked perfectly, they were a bit under-seasoned.  For the main course, I got the surf and turf, which for $21 ended up being a pretty good deal.  It came with a pretty good size crabcake and a filet mignon.  Both were cooked to perfection and had some unique sauces that spiced things up a little bit.  The fried potatoes that came on the side were kind of bland, but I was happy enough about the filet and the crabcake, that I didn’t really care.  

I didn’t have room for dessert, but from the looks of the stuff coming out of the kitchen, it seems I should have skipped the app and saved more room for later.  I suppose there’s always next time…and there will be a next time, as this place is definitely worth going back.  

I applaud the folks at Blue Hill for trying something different and new and hope others follow their lead with new concepts for older neighborhoods.



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Jun 07 2009

Car Wash and a Latte

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Canton residents no longer have to drive to Dundalk to get their car washed these days.  Not only that, but they can do so with minimal harm to the environment and while sipping on their favorite caffeinated beverage.  This is thanks to the the newly opened “Canton Car Wash”  which comes complete with a coffee bar and barista.

A group of Canton entrepreneurs took a run down industrial lot on the east side of Canton (at O’Donnell and Ponca Streets) and turned it into a gleaming, environmentally friendly carwash that uses recycled water and biodegradable soaps.  Although, the thing that impressed me the most about the place were the amenities, the friendly staff, and attention to customer service.  Washes start at 12 bucks and go up from there depending on how much detailing, coatings, wax, etc that you get.


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May 31 2009

Contain Yourself!

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With the economy the way it is, urban “container gardening” has really taken off, especially for those that want to save a few bucks by growing their own herbs, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.

Fortunately, with the opening of a couple of new shops, those of us near downtown Baltimore won’t have go very far to get the necessary tools. 

“Baltimore Contained” (2400 Fleet Street) at the corner of Montford and Fleet Street in Canton recently opened in the former Dangerously Delicious Pie Shop (Dangerously Delicious has since moved to Federal Hill).  Instead of pies, the racks are now filled with flowers, herbs, pots, and other gardening tools. Visit

Also recently opened is the second location of “The Dutch Connection”  in the Bagby Building in Harbor East (1008 Fleet St).  Their original location is in Belvedere Square.  While the Dutch Connection focuses more on cut flower arrangements, they also have a significant amount of plants and small shrubs perfect for an urban garden.


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Feb 23 2009

American Brewery redevelopment

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We’re happy to have a guest post today courtesy of Urban Discoveries Living Blog. Check out all their great content.

An ambitious redevelopment of an abandoned landmark. In East Baltimore. During a recession. Sound like a good idea to you? But against all odds, things seem to be working in favor of Columbia-based non-profit Humanim’s redevelopment of the American Brewery Building—the once-abandoned structure should be open for business by this summer, and Humanim will use it as their Baltimore headquarters, providing workforce development to people with barriers to employment.

Humanim’s connection with the American Brewery building began when a staff member scouting the area spotted “the most amazing building.” As anyone who’s seen it knows, the structure is immediately striking. A 2002 CityPaper article put it nicely: “The design has been described as everything from ‘Bavarian Gothic’ to ‘Teutonic pagoda’ to ‘circus architecture.’”

When Humanim staff members snuck inside to look around in 2005, the place was in bad shape. The structure was compromised, there was rot everywhere—not irreparable damage, but close. “I’m not sure it would’ve gone another year without fatal structural damage,” Truitt said. The 19th-century building hadn’t been in use since 1973 and was so run-down that The Wire filmed several drug deal scenes in its overgrown parking lot.

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Dec 06 2008

New Rendering for Gateway at Washington Hill

Finally, a new rendering for the Gateway at Washington Hill Project.  The new proposal looks like it’s a bit scaled back compared to some older plans, and includes apartments now instead of condos.  However, the retail component is still there, including plans for a grocery store.  This building would be part of a larger development of the empty lots of land south of the new Hopkins Hospital Towers.  The lots are bounded by Wolfe St, Washington St., Orleans St., and Baltimore St. Construction could begin as early as the spring…assuming this one doesn’t fall victim to the economy.

Gateway at Washington Hill

The building reminds me of the Domain Apartment building in Brewers Hill, which incidentally is nearing completion.  It looks really nice!



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Oct 20 2008

Panera Bread Opens Store in Brewers Hill

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Panera Bread opened their newest Baltimore City Location recently in the Brewers Hill neighborhood.  The new store is located in the shopping center at the corner of Boston and Conkling Streets next to the Five Guys, Dogma, and the new Pasta Mista.

With the opening of this Panera, I began to think to myself whether or not this is a good thing for Baltimore or not.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Panera is delicious.  But one of Baltimore’s charms of course are the independent coffee shops, the small bookstores, cozy restaurants, dirty corner bars, etc.  Panera is shiny, clean, and…well…suburban.

On the other hand Panera’s expansion into Baltimore City shows a significant investment of money and faith in the general retail strength of the area.  Remember when O’Malley was at the retail convention in Vegas and everyone kept asking him how many Starbucks we had (I think we only had like 2 at the time…now we have about a dozen).  Panera will likely be followed by other chains, then fancier chains, then maybe we’ll get one of those department stores that many have been coveting.  People will follow too…maybe more suburbanites will consider moving to the city…comforted by the fact that familiar places are nearby.

Ultimately the expansions of chains in the city is an inevitable effect of its growth at the expense of independent stores.  Unfortunately in today’s world growth has been synonymous with big business.  Perhaps with the recent economic collapse that will change…but I won’t hold my breath.

What I will say is that some mornings I’ll probably be down at Panera…in line for one of those Cinnamon Crunch Bagels with Hazelnut cream cheese…They’re incredible.


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