Feb 17 2008

Canton Crossing to have “Main Street” Style Shopping

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It was announced this weekend that Ed Hale’s Canton Crossing? in Southeast Baltimore? (aka Canton City USA) will be home to a new “Main Street” style shopping center similar to The Avenue at White Marsh or the Hunt Valley Town Center.? Hale’s company is also apparently in talks with high-end? grocer Harris Teeter and retailer Target about possibly anchoring the center.? Both Harris Teeter and Target are expanding in the area.? Harris Teeter is in the process of building a store in Columbia and also considering a location at Locust Point’s McHenry Row development.? Target has also announced plans to build a store at Mondawmin mall.? While nothing is certain, the announcement that a Target or Harris Teeter may settle in Canton was welcome news.? Many Cantonites are frustrated at the other local options which include the cramped Whole Foods in Harbor East and the crowded Safeway in Canton.? ? Often times, late evening shoppers at Safeway find bare shelves ravaged by hordes of people earlier in the day.? ? While Whole Foods is looking to expand to a larger location across the street from its existing store, it doesn’t seem likely that Southeast’s Baltimore’s grocery needs will be easily satisfied until more markets open.?

? The possibility of a Target nearby got people excited as well.? Currently, the nearest Target is about a 25 minute drive away.? The only other option is the Wal-Mart in Port Covington, which still takes about 15-20 minutes after fiddling with the tunnel tolls or fighting downtown traffic.? Even so, the Port Covington Wal Mart is considered to be “not that nice”.?

Visit www.harristeeter.com? and www.target.com to learn more about these retailers.? If you have time, send an e-mail of support for their projects.

Canton Crossing

Click below to see the full Canton Crossing Site Plan:



3 Comments to “Canton Crossing to have “Main Street” Style Shopping”

  1. Glenon 17 Feb 2008 at 10:07 pm

    That’s interesting to hear that Harris Teeter is also considering the Canton location – along with McHenry Row in Locust point. Sounds like Ed Hale and Mark Sapperstein will be competing for the chain’s Baltimore location. It seems like the McHenry row location might be better in terms of access to, and visible signage from 95. But the Canton location may present better demographics. ?? Do they may consider the same geographic area when looking at the potential customer base for both locations? What is the time frame for the Canton store? McHenry row is a couple years off.

  2. Jeffon 18 Feb 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Sounds like Harris Teeter may be considering both locations simultaneously. The information I’ve read has indicated that HT has targeted the Baltimore area to expand, so I think both locations could be likely, especially so they can build a greater market base and name recognition. It seems as if the McHenry Row store would be the most imminent, considering construction has broken ground on the development. Demographically, I think both areas would be equal, but South Baltimore is in even more desperate need of a new grocery store than Southeast Baltimore.

  3. hang giam giaon 13 Oct 2014 at 12:31 am

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    Canton Crossing to have ?Main Street? Style Shopping | Baltimore Grows…

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