Aug 08 2007

HarborView Towers Plan Blocked by Mayor

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Proposed HarborView Towers BaltimoreMayor Dixon has blocked the developer’s plans to build two additional 26-story towers on the HarborView site along Key Highway in South Baltimore.? Many have been worried about blocking views and cluttering the skyline.? To me – the main problem, should those towers be built, is traffic. Key Highway leaving the city in the? morning would be maxed out.? But I’m not opposed to the height necessarily. The slim towers would actually preserve more water views than if they built a wider, less tall structure.? Just look at how much water view the new Ritz Carlton ate up.

To the relief of many in South Baltimore, Mayor Sheila Dixon has blocked a plan to build two more waterfront towers at HarborView.

Faced with intense community opposition, the mayor pushed HarborView’s developer, Richard A. Swirnow, to rescind his request to the City Council that would have enabled him to keep building even though he technically had exhausted his construction options.

“I have decided to withdraw [the bill] and instruct the Planning Department and Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods to bring all parties together to find common ground,” Dixon wrote in a letter to a community leader who opposes the proposal.

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