Aug 07 2007

More Port Covington Plans

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On the heels of the recent articles about Sam’s Club closing its Port Covington store, The Daily Record published a story about the developer’s plans to build a billion dollar project on the 56 acre waterfront site.? Really it just sounds like more of the same for Port Covington – lofty plans, great ideas, but no real time frame or movement.? ? ?

Previous coverage?

Even rumors about Donald Trump purchasing the site have circulated for the last couple years, but at this point as far as I know they’re nothing more than that.


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  1. chrismon 08 Aug 2007 at 9:55 am

    This may be a bit un PC, but I don’t see Port Covington taking off anytime soon unless they blow up the Hanover Street bridge. It’s simply too close to Cherry Hill and Brooklyn. An easy walk for the “criminal” element looking for easy targets. Every time I open the SOBO guide I read about multiple attempted shoplifting’s at Wal-Mart. There’s a whole different kind of “Blue Light Special” going on over the bridge. One in which blue lights are on every other corner to try and stem the drug trade and violence. So unless they put a security fence and check point at the beginning of Port Covington – I wouldn’t live there. But then again – they are trying to make it work in Westport, so perhaps there’s hope.

  2. Chamon 08 Aug 2007 at 4:49 pm

    Wal-Mart should have never been built on prime waterfront property. That site was contaminated and the developer was the only one at the time that would stick his neck out and clean it. Now that the site is clean the land is worth a bundle, and don’t count it out as potential for upscale real estate development. The property is not bound by city law to have the open access of the promenade like at the harbor. I envision 24/7 security, a large gate and a huge wall around the waterfront residential development. Potential residents could have their waterfront view, their boat slip and the security they crave behind a big big concrete block wall which would block out Cherry Hill. Ants on honey I say, it’s a no-brainer.

  3. Glenon 12 Aug 2007 at 12:07 pm

    Does anyone know if the previous site contamination will prevent residential being built on the first level? Which would obviously exclude town homes – and require mixed use condos with retail on the first floor – as is the case with the Chesapeake Paperboard site. I believe I had heard of town homes planned for Port Covington in the past, so I’m guessing 1st floor residential is ok there.

  4. workeron 11 Sep 2007 at 11:46 am

    I would like to see moore resturaunts in that empty space adjacent to Sam’s club….there is alot of business’ growing in the area, and Light street is really over crowded for lunch!

  5. jay_111on 30 May 2008 at 5:05 am

    Dear Chrism,

    It’s so sad to see people still making racist comments. I guess a
    young, black American, male and
    hardworking Baltimore City Public School Teacher such as myself isn’t wanted in Wal-Mart. And, if they blew up the Hanover Street bridge, I guess know one would mind that because that
    means crime would go down if the dope
    dealers, gangbangers and theives
    couldn’t get to Wal-Mart. All because of one individuals racist remarks. Cherry Hill is a place I was born and raised in. I moved to Mississippi to get a college education. When I decided to get married and have kids I wanted to move back to Cherry Hill to raise my family there. My mother whom was also a school teacher and my father who retired as a supervisor for American Airlines provided me with a good life and afforded me a good education at Cardinal Gibbons High School. Because of my upbringing and my folks parenting style I grew up too be a productive member of my community, inwhich I am very proud of. I’ve found out from my vast traveling experiences that no matter where you are from there is always someone that decides to break from the worlds traditional norms, values and laws that we as Americans cherish and abide in. Look at the prominent lawyer from Howard County that embezzeled millions from average citizens. How about the young boy in Towson that murdered his family just because he wanted to drive the Range Rover or some other expensive vehicle model. Drugs, murder and violent crimes are everywhere and as of recently have reached the doorsteps of white Americans as well as the highly and always over publicized
    black Americans. Racist rhetoric
    such as what chrism wrote, is why we are stuck on stupid in this country. Oh yeah!!!!! by the way, how many of you have actually been in Cherry Hill?lately or a matter of fact, have any of you ever been here? LOL!! I just bought a brand new home in Cherry Hill for $120,000. There’s a development company breaking ground on $200,000 units where the housing projects once stood. Cherry Hill has changed over the years, HAVE YOU!!!

    Ps. THIS WAS FOR chrism

  6. jay_111on 30 May 2008 at 5:11 am

    Actually the site contamination is not on the Port Covington site. It’s on the Swan Lake site west of the Baltimore Sun and Hanover Street Bridge where there are like several houses.

  7. BmoreRobon 30 May 2008 at 9:28 am

    jay_111 – It’s “Swan Park” that I think you’re referring to. In any case, there is some truth to the earlier comment. It’s not a white or black thing. But it’s often criminal elements coming in from Brooklyn, Cherry Hill,or in this case Curtis Bay. In this case the criminal (at least one) was white. See sun article –,0,2627477.story. But the point is this happens all the time. Almost every weekend someone in Fed Hill is robbed. And I would wager some money to say that those criminals aren’t coming from Fed Hill. Although it’s one of the nicest and most expensive neighborhoods in the city, it’s simply not safe. jay_111 I respect your comments, your background, and defending your community. But Cherry Hill still seems to have a lot of problems. Now forgive me if I’m slightly off here – but I frequently drive to Meyers Pavilion – which I think is Brooklyn. And on the way pass through Cherry Hill. Between the Hospital and Myers I would see 5 or 6 blue light cameras, frequent drug busts, dealers, etc. I have never seen so many cops on foot patrol before – I didn’t realize they still existed. So it seems to me that those areas are in pretty bad shape. But maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully I am.

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