Jul 08 2007

Will Recent Crime Slow Growth

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Baltimore City has been struggling with? the? reputation? of being a? crime infested? city for decades.? It seems the city has done a good job the last few years of marketing the city and continuing to increase tourism.? People who a few years ago might not have considered living here – have moved to the city.? All around the Harbor new development is everywhere and out-of-towners can visit without being exposed to the harsh realities of most of the city.? We even recently landed on a couple national media lists as one of the top? places to visit and live.

However, this year crime has taken a dramatic jump and there’s no hiding from the coverage in the papers.? Baltimore City is on track to have 300+ murders for the first time since the 90′s and non-fatal shootings are up 35%

Baltimore Sun Google Map of 2007 Baltimore City Murders


2 Comments to “Will Recent Crime Slow Growth”

  1. Chamon 09 Jul 2007 at 12:39 pm

    Crime is up, crime is down. After 25 years of living in this city I realize that the murder rate isn’t nearly as important as having a place to park my car.

  2. gueston 09 Jul 2007 at 5:02 pm

    We’ll it doesn’t do me much good if I have a place to park my car – but my wife is afraid to walk to it. I have a friend who’s girlfriend was kidnapped on the way to her car in the morning and forced to drive to ATMs at gunpoint over the course of a couple hours. Crazy.

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