Jun 11 2007

More Harborview Controversy

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Today’s Baltimore Sun article discusses the latest controversy surrounding the upscale South Baltimore Harborview community.? Harborview – nestled along Key highway between Federal Hill and Locust Point currently contains the Harborview Tower, The Pier homes, and Harborview town-homes.? These properties are some of the most exlusive in all of Baltimore, and developer Richard A. Swirnow is looking to build even more.? Construction is about to begin on the 17 story luxury Pinnacle Tower – with top units commanding as much as $7 million dollars.? The latest controversy is over the proposal to build two additional 27 story towers.? This would dramatically alter the look and feel of that stretch Key highway.? But then again, it’s already been altered.? The huge Ritz Carlton condominiums project sits adjacent to the Pier Homes and has dramatically reshaped the look of the area.

Federal Hill residents are already steamed over the Pier Homes construction which broke height restrictions and blocked the water views of many existing homes.? The new towers threaten even more views.? I’m not necessarily opposed to the towers.? Obviously if they affected my view I would be more concerned.? The larger concern for me – and hopefully most area residents – is what the added density will do to rush hour traffic along Key Highway. I’m already seeing an increased backup along Lawrence street and Fort avenue as a result of more people living in the area.? The new BP/Quiznos is also backing up traffic because the left lane heading out of the city is now used as a turn lane into the station.?

Once the Shoppes at Fort are built it will cause even more bottlenecks.? The traffic along Key highway will certainly be painful in a few years.? The new towers do offer some potential benefits for us.? Much of the Key Highway stretch is a bit run down and dilapidated.? And overall there just isn’t a lot of foot traffic.? Added density, brings residents, which brings business, restaurants, and in the end hopefully a more vibrant community.


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